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Best Cheap Australian White Wines

Vinteloper: 500ml Park Wine, Gewurtzraminer, 2019

Sean McManus, Sommelier at French restaurant Hubert, Sydney, told us Vinteloper’s 2019 Park Wine (the best Avant Garde Wine in the 2019 Adelaide Hills wine show) is a white to keep your eye on. A Dave Bowley creation, “Like no other,” with 14 days on skins (grape juice hangs with grape skins for 14 days), this vintage is a classic, “Don’t think: just drink,” wine—a touch cloudy, super fresh and a lil funky.

“Think licks of Turkish delight with fresh white flowers: along with a zesty, ripe mandarin note that could quench any thirst.”

Dangerously drinkable by all accounts, it comes from Adelaide Hills, “Where all the cool kids are making all the cool wines, with all the cool labels in cool climate conditions.” What’s cooler than that? Even its presentation is unique—it comes in a 500ml stubby bottle labeled “park wine.”


Harkham: Aziza’s Semillon Hunter Valley, 2019

According to Chiara Danieli, head Sommelier at Matteo Downtown, the 2019 vintage of Harkham Semillon, from NSW’s Hunter Valley, is one of the best value wine’s on the market. “Super easy to drink with notes of stonefruits and tropical,” this “Skin contact, great baby-step orange wine,” will only set you back , comes from a small, family owned winery and represents the (affordable) forefront of, “New winemaking style in one of the oldest wine regions in Australia.”


Grosset: Alea Off Dry Riesling, 2019

Nick Stamford, Managing Director of MW Wines, told us that his top pick for a white that won’t break the bank is Grosset’s Alea Off Dry Riesling. Made in the Clare Valley, their 2019 vintage is one of the best under this label for just .

“This one’s great with food, or just to quench a thirst on a hot summer’s day.”


Delamere Chardonnay Tasmania, 2012 

Accredited sommelier, model and TV presenter Kate Peck told us that she can’t get enough of this offering from Delamere. “Heaven sent, lush rich oak but still with fresh vibrant acid,” she says it’s, “Like a cream dream has hit your palate, you can sit there and roll this thing around your taste buds till the cows come home.” If you want a sample of this brew you better get in quick because, “It’s tasting pretty ripe right now—so don’t delay.”

“Considering it is priced around the mid ’s for a bottle, it’s an absolute no brainer.”


Best Expensive Australian White Wines 

Alan & Nelly Cooper: Cobaw Ridge Chardonnay, 2015 

Sean McManus, one of the Sommeliers at the prestigious French restaurant Hubert in Sydney told us that this cool climate wine was his number one pick for a “special occasion” white wine.

Grown 600m above sea level on a, “Certified Biodynamic Estate in the Macedon ranges of Victoria, this wine is pruned and picked by hand all the way through to bottling, to respect the integrity of the grape,” he told us, which means, “No fining, no filtering; maximum terroir.” If you’re lucky enough to sip on this vintage you’ll notice, “Ripe apples with lashings of grapefruit and a citrus peel pop,” which, “Come together with a voluptuous serving of honeyed butter on toast.”

“This thing is about as fruit driven as a vegetarians breakfast—along with enough chalky minerals to keep it fresh and clean.”


Bindi: Kostas Rind Chardonnay, 2019

As scarce as they are sought after, Nick Stamford from MW Wines told us that Michael Dhillon’s Chardonnay under the Bindi label are widely considered some of the top white wines in Australia. The 2019 Bindi Wine Growers Kostas Rind Chardonnay is newly released and for those that are patient it’s an ideal wine to cellar for five to ten years. A must have in the collection for wine lovers.


Savaterre Chardonnay Beechworth 

“Regardless of the year,” sommelier Kate Peck reckons you will not be disappointed with a Savaterre Chardonnay. “At basically half of the price of Giaconda Chardonnay (also a must try, but more expensive),” Kate says the Savaterre Chardonnay is, “A fresh, crisp and supreme wine with quietly powerful elegant oak.” In other words: “a drop so moreish that more will never be enough.”


Leeuwin Estate: Art Series Chardonnay, 2015

Another one of Nick Stamford’s top picks, The Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay is a great celebration wine. Part of the Art Series, this 2015 bottle is one of the Estate’s most opulent and age-worthy wines from each vintage, and with three years of age the wine is showing concentrated and complex notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and hazelnuts amidst sweeter notes of nougat, sesame brittle and brioche. In other words: a perfect choice to impress.

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Cullen Kevin: John Chardonnay Margaret River WA, 2014

Coming from an iconic WA winery, this top-draw vintage is perfect to crack open on a hot summer’s day, for a barbecue with the hard-to-impress in laws.

Video: The Best White Wines For Beginners (Series): #3 Sauvignon Blanc

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