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How to Be a Good Woman

Three Methods:

The qualities of a good woman are the same as the qualities of a good person. However, women are usually faced with different challenges than men, such as choosing motherhood over their careers. To be a good woman you must value good morals and positive interactions with others.


Moral Qualities of a Good Woman

  1. Be honest.A good woman possesses the ability to be honest about herself and other people. She is likely to be the person telling you the truth in a tough situation in a sympathetic way.
  2. Don’t judge.A good person does not judge others quickly or freely. Whether you learn this from a religion or a sense of personal morality, open-mindedness and delay of judgment will make you exemplary.
  3. Strive for empathy.Being empathetic allows you to imagine how another person is feeling during a given situation. People who are empathetic are more likely to understand people’s emotions and give selflessly.
  4. Believe in a moral compass.A good person is good because she chooses not to be bad or evil. This means that she knows the difference and makes choices that support a principled way of life.
  5. Show respect.A good person is respectful of others. The respect is usually returned.

Personality Qualities of a Good Woman

  1. Be confident.Today, a good woman is someone who strives toward a balance between independence and helping others. It is hard to help others if you do not feel confident in your own abilities.
  2. Avoid negative conversation.A good person is someone who doesn’t spread gossip. You can be a better person by rising above drama and turning the conversation to a more positive subject.
    • A good woman will also try to stay positive in her life. Even a good woman needs to complain, but constant complaining is a sign of bigger personal issues that should be dealt with before you can think of other people.
  3. Be patient.Calm and patient people are often seen as “good” because they may be a constant and positive presence during a crisis. You will be less prone to over-reaction and argument if you can be patient with others and yourself.
  4. Don’t give up.A good woman is often seen as strong because she keeps going during emotional and physical trials. You can build emotional resilience by valuing willpower, confidence and courage.
  5. Realize that no one is perfect.All of these qualities are seen as desirable and positive in a woman; however, no human being is constantly virtuous. Recognize that just having a few of these qualities makes you a good woman and don’t be too hard on yourself if you falter.

Interpersonal Skills of a Good Woman

  1. Embrace challenges in any relationship.A good person works hard for a relationship to succeed.
  2. Understand that being a mother or a wife no longer defines the “good woman.In generations past, these were seen as necessary goals, but modern women also work toward a career, committed partnerships, life-fulfilling hobbies and volunteering–to name just a few goals.
  3. Listen to people.Being a woman who is good for others means being a good listener. Understand that although some people will come to you for advice, others come to talk and feel supported.
  4. Volunteer or give to charity for the right reasons.If you are volunteering your time because of guilt, peer-pressure or other fears, you may want to focus on your own well being until you have the strength to give because you want to help people.
  5. Try to teach others through example.Raising kids or being a role model is hard, because you constantly try to help others avoid your mistakes. Show them how to make good decisions through your own actions.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    How I will be an honest woman?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Honesty comes from accepting truth that might not please everyone.
  • Question
    When I am offended how does a good woman react?
    Top Answerer
    With patience, avoiding negative interaction, and through good interpersonal skills. When you are offended, react by staying calm, but firmly pointing out what offended you and why. State that you cannot tolerate such behavior, and that they risk losing your respect. The more it is repeated, the less you should seek out contact with the one offending you.
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