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How to Be a Stereo Boy

There was a time where the Stereo style was just for girls, but it has evolved and now a few Stereo boys have emerged on the scene. A Stereo Kid is a rocker whose style is mixed with the styles of punk, gangster, emo, goth, nerd, gamer, individualist, raver, skater, hipster, redneck and scene. Basically, you are a floater that fits in more with the edgier, rocker or gangsta stereotypes.


  1. Love music.To be a stereo kid you have to absolutely love music in many different genres. The genres Stereo kids listen to are mainly rap, nu-metal, punk-rock, pop-punk, R&B, death metal, metal, techno, dance, Christian Rock, Christian Metal, emotronic, ghettotronic, emo, emo-metal country, indie-rock, classic rock, hair bands, jazz, classical, and adult alternative. Don't listen to music like pop, mainstream rap, oldies, adult contemporary, or any other conforming genres. Indie pop and pop-rock is OK and World Pop (J-pop, C-pop, French pop, Britpop) is cool too. Classic country is better than hot country, but hot country is also accepted as well. Listen to some music from other countries especially from Japan, China, Korea, Australia, France, Italy, Finland, Russia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Great Britain.
  2. Listen to a lot of underground music and go to lots of shows.Listen to your music whenever you're not at a show. Myspace is a good way to find music that is made by amateur artists just like you and pros alike. You can also listen to entire albums with buying the album or song only an option, not mandatory. If your parents don't approve of Myspace or you just don't like the site, check out sites such as SoundClick, purevolume, tightbeatz (hip-hop and R&B) and such. Napster is more of a stereo kid music program than iTunes. Listen to only unsigned and indie on Myspace.
  3. Be confident in yourself and everything you do.Value your physical appearance. Don't be ashamed of who you are and what you look like.
  4. Check your Myspace all the time.Post lots of pictures of yourself, your friends, and shows you went to. Go on Facebook too just to keep in touch with other stereotypes and fan pages of your favorite bands but do not make that you dominate social networking site.
  5. Get the look:
    • Wear studded belts attached to the belt loops on your pants with the buckle turned to the side.
    • wear scene, punk, or gangsta clothes.
    • Buy over sized aviator sunglasses in assorted colors such as black, red, white, etc.
    • Wear Converse Chuck Taylors/slip-ons, classic Vans, Duffs, Air Force Ones, and Bathing ape shoes.
    • Rock layered hair.
    • Don't wear a band tee if you've never heard of the band before.
    • Wear oversized hoodies (full zip too).
    • Band Ts are your best friends. When in doubt just wear a band tee and a pair of jeans.
    • Wear tight, straight leg or baggy jeans.
    • If you don't own contacts, wear thick framed glasses in either black, white or red.
    • Wear lots of bandannas and beanies.
    • Invest in wristbands with spikes or pyramids on them.
    • Never use backpacks - use messenger bags instead.
  6. Only write in ink.Unless you're taking a test which requires pencils only, you should always write in pen. Randomly strikeout or underline your writing.
  7. Have lots of rocker friends as well as skater, punk, emo,scene, and few preppy ones.
  8. Use punk, skater, surfer and gangster slang.Say words like "hella", "dude", "rad", "tight", "lame", "poser", etc. Remember to use them often and incorporate them into as many conversations as you can.
  9. Find a band or rapper you like.Read their biographies and know all the members and their songs.
  10. Do sports that are extreme, such as football, moshing, BMX biking, motor-cross, or skateboarding.No track, tennis, basketball, golf, etc. If this isn't for you, than Moshing or mountain biking can always be your favorite.
  11. If you can afford a car, get a cool looking classic car.Add lots of bumper stickers.
  12. Get good grades and pay attention in class.Keep your GPA at 3.0 or higher. Stereo kids do cross over with the nerd stereotype.
  13. When people look through your mp3 player, you want them to say things like "I don't know any of these songs/bands"(that means you're truly Stereo).
  14. Seek inspiration from the raddest punk rock guys.Get an idea of what type of Stereo boy you want to be:
    • Grungy Stereo: Conor Oberst, Travis McCoy, Aaron (from The Almost)
    • Punky Stereo: Travis Barker,
    • Emo Stereo: Pete Wentz, Daniel Issac,
    • Ghetto Stereo - Pharrell Williams

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  • Learn to play an instrument or sing/scream/rap. Extra points if you're in a band or rap.
  • If you are in college, try to pursue a music major, computer major, or graphic design major. Take as many music and video production classes as possible.
  • Pyramid belts, suspenders and ties will get you extra points.
  • Add safety pins and paper clips to your clothes to look even more Stereo.
  • Use sound effects in your explanations and stories. This will add flavor to your story and keep people awake.
  • Use abbreviations of bands and rappers such as MCR, FOB, AAR, GCH, HIM, A7x, P!ATD, Diddy, Jeezy, Snoop, JZ etc. Also, be sure you know what they mean.
  • The following patterns/prints are accepted - plaid, checkered, striped.
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology and know a lot about computers. Try to get as many Mac products as possible because Mac is stereo. Use Microsoft when you are forced to use it such as at school or if you are stuck with a PC.
  • Be fans of Pokémon and other anime. Like the Simpsons and Family Guy. Try watching shows on Adult Swim such as Robot Chicken.


  • You don't have to lie to impress people. It's dumb and the truth will eventually come out.
  • Think hard about what parts of town you end up in, looking like an idiot can get you marked if you're not careful
  • If you're using slang, make sure you know what you're saying.
  • Don't admit to being Stereo. People will question you, but you just have to say you're a rock-star - plain and simple.

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