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How to Disguise Yourself As a Guy

Alright, so maybe you want to find out who likes who in your crush's class. Or you really want to get to know a guy better without him knowing who you are. Whatever your motive, it helps if you can look like one of the guys. Read on to find out how...


  1. Bind your breasts.Especially if you are a busty girl, this step could mean the difference between the plan working or failing. Do not use an Ace bandage (as these are designed to get tighter and may lead to breathing difficulties). A sports bra can be used for smaller breasts (A-B), sometimes multiple ones must be layered (but again be careful as too tight a fit can cause problems with your health which may lead to you being discovered). A binder can also be used (such as one from "Underworks") but this may be too expensive for a prank. Small breasts may not need binding, a loose shirt or hoodie may hide them.
  2. Find a way to make your hair boyish.Some guys have long hair, and it's becoming more and more popular, but that doesn't mean your current hairstyle will ever look boyish. You could get it cut short, but, if you're just doing this for a day or two, you might try hiding it under a baseball cap or pulling it back very low on the nape of the neck. If you have a darker complexion, you might consider cornrows, braids, or dreads.
  3. Avoid makeup.Most guys aren't into that sort of thing, and will think you are weird if you don't fit in.
  4. Pick the right clothes.The outfit you choose depends mostly on the type of guy you are trying to "be". Hip hop guys are going to dress differently than jocks, who are going to dress differently that punks, goths, emos, get the idea. Look around to get an idea of what guys are wearing. Hats are popular.
  5. Unless you have big feet, you probably wear a smaller shoe size than most guys.Find a pair of bigger shoes (skate shoes are blunt and wide, which helps give the effect of manly feet) and stuff the toes with soft napkins or toilet paper; you don't want your feet crackling with every step.
  6. Hide your legs.Girls have very different legs than guys, and they are usually shaved. Try a pair of really baggy jeans to hide your curves and maybe a loose belt slung low on the hips. Couple this with a really big t-shirt, and you can fit in almost anywhere.
  7. Get a pair of plain, dark sunglasses.They will help protect your identity from anyone who might have seen you before or might see you again later.
  8. Skip on the makeup.Guys don't wear lipstick or eyeshadow. No makeup whatsoever, no matter if your eyes are covered up or not.
  9. If the weather permits, wear a scarf or a turtleneck.Girls don't usually have Adam's apples, but most guys do. It could be a major tip-off if you don't have one.
  10. If most guys your age already have deep voices, try to deepen your own.But if you are going through puberty, and guys your age haven't changed voices yet, your regular voice shouldn't need much altering.
  11. Don't be afraid to swear.Most guys don't have a problem with it, and you might be looked at oddly if you don't comply.
  12. Do NOT talk to girls.If the guys you're hanging with start to go girl-watching or begin flirting with the cuties at the bowling alley or wherever, just tag along, but don't participate. If someone asks you why, just say you have a long-distance girlfriend, and you don't want to be disloyal.
  13. Obviously, don't set up any dates with girls...or guys, for that matter.
  14. Have a story to back it all up.Say that your family is just passing through town on a business trip, or that you're moving, and you just stopped by to stock up and continue your drive across the country. This way, when you go back to "being a girl", you don't have to cover up for 'that mysterious guy that was around for a couple of days'.
  15. Don't carry your cell phone.If someone calls you, and you have to talk in a normal voice or disclose what you're doing, it could mess up your plan.
  16. Change your name slightly.'Alexa' to 'Alex', for example. I wouldn't change it completely (like 'Jessica' to 'Thomas') because you might not respond if one of the guys says a name that's way different from your real one.
  17. Try to get a feel for some bands and sports that guys in your area seem to like.These will work as great conversation starters. Also, if you know something about them, you won't be so lost when the topic switches to them.
  18. Don't talk about girly things like clothes, guys, shoes, etc... They will see through you in an instant.

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  • Also, some people simply are too feminine to pull it off. If you get all decked-out and still look like a girl, get one of your friends to do this for you.
  • This article is not for transgender boys. Don't use it if you plan on doing this full-time. This is only for a temporary switch in which you are playing the part of a guy for personal reasons, such as needing information.

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